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Nov 28 2023

The Skills Room

Whatsapp Facebook Instagram It was launched on 1st April 2023.  The aim is to bring training and development into the community, at no or little cost. Our cost is mainly […]

Nov 28 2023

Learner Support Programme

Whatsapp Facebook Instagram A team of volunteers assisting grade 8 at Rosendal High School. They have small groups or one on one with learners that has challenges with reading.  The […]

Nov 28 2023

Sharing is Caring

Whatsapp Facebook Instagram This programme is each Friday, or whenever we receive in bulk from a donor. We share in forms of own kitchen, food parcels, other foodkitchens and partners

Nov 05 2023

Sustainable livelihood

Funded by Dept. of Social Development. We cook a nutritional meal 5 days a week, for a targeted group of people.

“Alleviating hunger and empowering communities through food provisions, recreation and education.”


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